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Centro Autorizado  de AT&T, número de teléfono del servicio de atención al cliente:

Teléfono: (412) 788-1505

Dirección: 1850 Settler’S Ridge Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Ubicación: Estados Unidos, Ciudad de Pittsburgh , Estado de Pennsylvania

American Telephone and Telegraph AT&T, brinda servicio de internet a sus equipos móviles, inalámbricos y TV a un precio asequible. Cconexión a Internet con más del 99% de fiabilidad?

En comparación con otros proveedores, AT&T consigue que sea fácil agrupar todos sus servicios, y ello permite un costo barato. Además, usted puede comprar todo lo que necesita incluyendo equipos teléfonos celulares, televisores, internet, accesorios, tabletas y más.

Tiendas más cercanas 

  • Rating: 2.4/5
  • October 2017 by Courtney Walker
  • “Everyone there was very helpful and friendly while I was there. They made recommendations to the options and specials they were running, but didn’t make me feel obligated to purchase them”
  • September 2017 by Adam F.
  • “Can you choose 0 stars? Customer Service is really bad. I got talked to like I was in the wrong. Read below to understand what happened. So, I purchased an iPad at the Robinson Mall AT&T store off of the manager for $200. The iPad comes with its own phone number for the allotted 1GB of data it came with (plus a $40 activation fee that I was not told about). I also wanted to get Stevie an AppleWatch for her birthday, so I did that same night. Instead of me paying ~$375 all at one time, I decided to do the installment plan which was ~$60 for 6 months. The return policy on the iPad and Apple Watch was 14 days which is pretty typical, especially with electronics. Within the 14 day grace period, let’s say; day 10, I decided I didn’t want the iPad anymore and returned it to the Settlers Ridge AT&T store through one of their managers (Add a $40 restocking fee). All is good right? Wrong… The manager at Robinson Mall store put the installment charges for the Apple Watch on the iPads phone number. When the iPad was returned and the number was cancelled the Apple Watch’s installment plan was accelerated. Which means the ~$375 had to be paid in full on my next bill. This made the bill ~$680!!! When I saw that I freaked, and for over 3 weeks I was given the run around by not only the Settlers Ridge’s manager, the regional manager from that store, and the customer service center for AT&T. I spent roughly 4-5 hours in total on ~8 separate phone calls trying to sort this out so the Apple Watch would go back on a installment plan. The mistake was made when the Apple Watch was put underneath the iPad’s number instead of one of the actual phone numbers under the account. So now I’m left with a phone bill for ~$680, and I’m being told don’t worry it’ll all be fixed. On September 7, I was told after a 45 minute conversation with AT&T Customer Service that AT&T was looking into the issues, it would be fixed, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Sounds awesome, until I called the Settler’s Ridge Store on September 11 since it had been a few days with no resolution. The manager who originally returned the iPad explained to me that there was nothing they could do and for the next time to “not put an accessory installment plan on an another accessory I’m not going to keep.” Excuse me?! The manager at the Robinson Mall store did that not me, yet I’m being talked to like I did something wrong. I ended up calling AT&T Customer Service, again and got hooked up with a customer service manager. He waived a couple activation fees and brought the bill down to ~$580 which I had to pay in full. Moral of the story; I switched over from Verizon to AT&T because it was a little cheaper. Now, after this experience I’m more than likely going to pay a little more and switch back to Verizon. The customer service, especially at the Robinson Mall and Settlers Ridge location are horrid. Also the AT&T service is no where close to Verizon’s. I guess you really do get what you pay for. If you are thinking about switching to AT&T, I highly recommend you stay with your carrier. This episode was not the only problem I’ve had with this company in a total of 9 months. *I will say the sales rep Shauna is very nice though.”
  • August 2017 by dan winski
  • “Horrible sales staff. First they flat out lie to you and then they sneak in charges that are supposed to be waived. Third problem was after we contacted customer service on the phone, we were told we had to talk to the store sales rep because he personally added the charges. Called for 6 days and our rep plus his manager are on a never-ending lunch break and will not call back. Sam and Blake suck. Ended up getting our problems solved over the phone with a cus

Horario de atención al cliente

  • Lunes 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Martes 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Miercoles 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Jueves 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Viernes 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sabado 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Domingo 12:00 – 6:00 PM

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